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ZeroTol 9.46 L


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ZeroTol® disrupts plant pathogen life cycles reducing disease incidence and severity. ZeroTol 2.0 provides immediate on-contact activity with no harmful residues making it ideal for use in integrated management programs to combat pesticide resistance up to the day of harvest. ZeroTol 2.0 knocks out harmful organisms that could damage turf, cannabis, nursery crops, and ornamentals. ZeroTol 2.0’s fast-acting oxidation process has broad-spectrum application. By incorporating ZeroTol 2.0 into an integrated pest program, and using it before pathogen emergence, it creates a more prepared growing operation.

Use: For the prevention and control of fungi and algae on wood and non-porous hard surfaces and in irrigation waters to be used in greenhouses only on non-food crops. For the control or suppression of plant diseases in Commercial Greenhouses, Garden Centers, Landscapes, Nurseries, Interiorscapes, Golf Courses, Lawns, Athletic Fields, and Commercial Turf. For the control of algae on Commercial Turf. For the suppression of powdery mildew and botrytis on cannabis (marihuana) produced commercially indoors.

For a full list of crops and application directions, refer to the product label. Always read and follow label directions.

Active ingredients:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Peracetic acid

Class: PCPA # 29508 OMRI registered



208L, 9.46L


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