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Sureno/Serrano Peppers: West Coast Seeds


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Sureño Serrano pepper seeds are hybrid serrano chile peppers bred for compactness and productivity. Small, bushy plants are highly productive with large, straight, firm-bodied, bright green fruits. Serrano chiles are about twice as hot as Jalapenos, and are the chile of choice in South Asian cuisine. They are recommended for curries and chutneys. Unlike many other chiles, the flavour is best when they are still green, but they will ripen to a scarlet red colour. Remove the seeds and pith from the inside for a milder burst of chile flavour. Discarding the seeds will reduce the heat by half. This chile rates at a confident 10,000-23-000 SHUs. Sure̱o works well one plant each in three to five gallon pots.

Matures in 70 days. (Hybrid seeds)

Approx. 25 Seeds @ 89% Germination


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