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New Millenium Spring Green

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This season will compliment Equinox for early starts and/or rooted cuttings ready to begin the first stages of vegetative growth. Modeled after natural elemental releases during the Mediterranean Spring season, and matching exactly what nutritional profiles the plant desires during this young fragile time in its life.

Spring is designed to be used in conjunction with Equinox, or PART A, as a PART B accomplice. Dosage and dilution ratios are customizable to harness the perfect start to your crops season, but a 1:3 dilution ratio is recommended.

  • When used with Equinox, Spring will significantly reduce transplant shock in rooted seedlings or cuttings that are initially transplanted from the propagation stages.

  • Specific proportions of N-P-K and micronutrients provide small plants everything they need to jump start into immediate root, shoot, and foliar development.

  • Once plants have reached approximately 6 to 12 inches on Spring, switch to Summer (PART B) in order to boost nitrogen supplementation and harness larger vegetative frame building.

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