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Red Robin Tomatoes: West Coast Seeds


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Red Robin tomato seeds produce hardy, compact dwarf plants that deliver high yields of delicious cherry tomatoes. Red Robin tomato plants are easy to grow, and best suited for containers whether located indoors or outdoors. While Red Robin tomato plants will deliver the highest yields in outside containers, plants will set fruit in lower light indoor conditions and still deliver moderate yields of sweet cherry tomatoes.

Typically 20-30 cm (8-12″) tall, Red Robin tomato plants make an attractive, ornamental addition to any garden patio, window or balcony. Round scarlet cherry tomatoes 2.5 -4 cm (1-1 1/2″) in diameter set in tight clusters create a striking contrast with dark green potato leaves.

Compact determinate (bush)

Matures in 50-55 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

Approx. 15 Seeds @ 94% Germination


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