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Plagron Terra Power Pack


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The Plagron Power Pack (Terra) comes with everything you need for a successful 3-4 plant grow (based on three feeds per week)

Dosage and use

Inside your Power Pack you’ll find a manual with our grow schedule. Follow this grow schedule and the indicated dosages for every week/period. There are enough nutrients for up to 8 weeks grow phase and up to 8 weeks flowering phase.* So no worries if your grow phase is longer than the indicated 2 weeks on the grow schedule. Just repeat the amount of nutrients of the final grow week. Same goes for shorter Veg times and the same dosage/applications apply.

*Considering your plants are in 5.5 liter pots, with a watering frequency of 3 times a week (0.5 liter per plant/pot).

Each Pack Comes W/:

  • x1, Liter Terra A (Base)
  • x1, Liter Terra B (Base)
  • x1, 500ml Power Roots (Humic – Root Growth Stim)
  • x1, 500ml Pure Clean (Increase Nutrient Uptake – Plant Health)
  • x1, 250ml Green Sensation (Special PK Booster)


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