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Pac Choi Toy Choi F1: West Coast Seeds


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Brassica oleraceae var. chinensis. This miniature pac choi can be picked at the “single serving” size. Dark green leaves and glistening white stems mark Toy Choy pac choi seeds as a standout among the many Chinese vegetables that grow so well in coastal gardens. You can use these delicacies gently braised and served whole to appreciate the mild flavour and graceful appearance. They add flavour and crunch to stir-fries, soups, and noodle dishes. Serve separate from the main course in the traditional manner so that the cooked greens can be appreciated on their own. This is a very good example of a crop you should sow a little at a time, over several weeks so that the whole crop does not mature at once.

Matures in 30-50 days. (Hybrid seeds)

Approx. 170 Seeds @ 98% Germination


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