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Miicrobial Mass Pro


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Miicrobial Mass is a microbial product specifically developed to maximise plant yield using five different bacterial strains that are shown to promote plant growth and enhance microbial life in and around plant roots.

  • Apply once every two weeks to soil (indoor or outdoor) or hydroponic system to create a true living garden.
  • Increase the bioavailability of phosphate and calcium to the plant through the use of phosphate and calcium-solubilizing bacteria. Increase the bioavailability of iron through the use of siderophore-producing bacteria.
  • Promote good soil health with enzymes that hydrolyze substrate into useful byproducts for the rhizospheric microbial communities.
  • Safe for use with edible crops. Specific for Hemp and Cannabis production. For soil and hydroponic systems.
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1 L, 250 ML, 4 L, 500 ML


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