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METER Group – ZSC w/ Teros 12 Soil Sensor


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ZSC Bluetooth Interface

During sensor installations, the ZSC lets you monitor a sensor reading as it is installed. Get real-time, wireless readings via Bluetooth on your smartphone with the push of a single button. Readout values are displayed in ZENTRA Utility Mobile* to help you detect installation problems (poor sensor-to-soil contact, air pockets, rocks, etc.) before you repack the hole or trench. The ZSC is often used to spot-check soil moisture, but it can also instantaneously read any other environmental sensor. And it’s powered by only two AA alkaline batteries. 

Teros 12 Soil Sensor

Substrate Water Content, Temperature, and EC all affect the end quality, and yield. The Teros 12 Soil Sensor lets you dive right into whats happening inside of your substrate. Combined with the METER Group ZSC you will have realtime readings at the tap of a finger. Soil, Coco, or Rockwool compatible.

*also compatible with Aroya SOLUS app

Weight 270 g
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 2 in


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