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Green Earth Insecticidal Soap RTU, 1L


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Select a natural method to control insects in greenhouses and garden areas. With Green Earth Insecticidal Soap, you can gently and effectively remove destructive insects that are threatening your plants.


The Green Earth Insecticidal Soap is mild enough for use on delicate plant stems and flowers but tough enough to get rid of those troublesome insect invaders. This ready-to-use formula from Green Earth controls insects on fruits and vegetables and eliminates many insects with soft bodies. These include spider mites, whiteflies, aphids, mealy-bugs, Japanese Beetles, and psyllids. Only targets the bugs and insects which you directly spray with the Green Earth Insecticidal Soap and is quite harmless for plants and growing mediums.

This insecticidal soap allows you to protect your plants safely without relying upon questionable chemical pesticides. The product is ready for immediate use and requires no dilution or mixing.

Concerned gardeners want to use products that are designed to be both user-friendly and environmentally friendly. The ingredients in this Green Earth Insecticidal Soap formula have been derived from natural sources and are beneficial for plants and gardens. Just spray those unwanted insects and eliminate troublesome bugs without worry.


·         Safe for use on fruits, vegetables, flowers, ornamentals, grasses and shrubs

·         Can be easily attached to the end of a garden hose for effective spraying

·         Mineral/botanical ingredients

·         Will not harm the environment

·         Effective against soft-bodied bugs

·         Targets broad range of insects on fruits, vegetables, other plants

·         The formula is ready for immediate use.



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