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FloraMax 660W V2 high performance LED grow light dimmable – FM8


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Futur Vert FM8 660W V2 high performance LED Grow Light with dimmer knob and RJ14 connection for remote control is 35% higher in PPFD, 35% lower in power consumption and 50% less in BTU. Floramax is perfect for all year around indoor gardening with is full spectrum you can produce your vegetables all year around! Our FM series is suitable for propagation period, vegetation, flowering, fruiting… This light is perfect for your indoor garden with any kind of crops. Up to 1700Umol/s with our DLC horticulture certification producer can get be sure of the quality, performance and the energy saving. Coverage: 5FT*5FT; Max Coverage: 6FT*6FT.

Weight 13000 g
Dimensions 44 × 6.3 × 26.5 in


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