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Elite 91 Silicic Acid


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Give your plants a much-needed micronutrient boost with the Elite 91 Silicic Acid.

The Elite 91 Silicic Acid provides your plants with plant silicon and 21 organic L-amino acids to improve the quality of your plants.

While silicon is a crucial component that improves plant health, many growers take it for granted, despite the benefits it provides your plants.

Elite 91 Silicic Acid addresses this deficiency to improve the immune system and helps plants withstand stress from the environment.

Scientifically-proven to absorb Monosilicic Acid from the roots, the Elite 91 Silicic Acid helps your plants become more rigid and with better yields at harvest when absorbing these nutrients.

The Elite 91 Silicic Acid contains high concentrations of silicon and nutrients but can be diluted to match the application for your plants. Its formulation is one of the most stable, and concentrated, so your plants only get the best.

The Elite 91 Silicic Acid is also a versatile nutrient solution that works in soil, coco, hydroponics, and used with seedlings, cuttings, and foliar treatment.

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1 L, 250 ML, 4 L, 500 ML


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