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Elite 91 Flowers


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Have a prosperous bloom with the Elite 91 Flowers Professional Bloom Additiv.

The Elite 91 Flowers uses Phosphite technology to improve crop yield and bud size while strengthening your plant’s immune system.

The Elite 91 contains an attuned balance of phosphates, phosphite, and potassium to improve flowering, root development, and disease resistance.

Featuring a one of a kind component stacking chemistry, the Elite 91 features a remarkable concentration level that allows PPMs to increase for better effectivity.

The Elite 91 Flowers was designed to help you get better resin and terpene production in the last stages of growth before harvest.

Using the Elite 91 Flowers also improves the taste, flavor, shelf life, and terpene profile of your buds. You can expect a better appearance when you harvest your plants.

The Elite 91 Flowers is also easy and economical to use. Just add up to 1 mL of the flowering additive for every gallon during the feeding or nutrient change out in the last 1 – 2 weeks of the vegetating stage.

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