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AutoPot Airbase Square 2.2G/3.9G


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Introducing the AirBase, the newest release from AutoPot. The AirBase is fully compatible with the AirDome and replaces the need for a pebble/drainage layer in the bottom couple inches of your AutoPot system. AirBase is fabricated from tough ABS plastic making it highly durable and thus extensively reusable. 

  • AirBase Square fits AutoPot 2.2 and 3.9 gal plastic pots

The AirBase has a pop-put circular area for the AirDome to sit beneath. The AirDome pumps oxygen into your root zone via a bubble pipe. Aeration in the root zone helps roots expand quickly and helps with establishing a healthy root structure which is fundamental for healthy plants with effective water and nutrient uptake. 


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