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Cultivating a high quality crop is an art form. Many factors can negatively effect your plants, but having SOP’s, feeding schedules, plant therapies, and IPM programs in place can greatly improve your success.This is where hiring a professional can help ease those “growing” pains.

We offer consulting and master growing services. Flat rate on site consulting is $100 per hour, with a 3 hour minimum. Sign up for our monthly consulting to get 1 hour phone/video chats, once weekly.


Integrated pest management. Get familiar with that term, because it is very important. Be proactive, not reactive. With our IPM program you will be able to combat almost any issue that may arise in the garden.

Feeding schedules

With our balanced feeding schedule, you can ensure your plant is receiving all the necessary macro and micro nutrients at the right time.

Ongoing supply and support

Being a member of the Blooms teams has many benefits. LP and micro cultivation customers receive large discounts. Inquire within to get on the Blooms program!

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