Blooms Clearance Sales


Cultivating a high quality crop is an art form in itself, from germination to curing Blooms Grow Tech has a solution! Many factors can negatively effect your plants, but having SOP’s, feeding schedules, plant therapies, and IPM programs in place can greatly improve the your success, from both quality to quantity stand points! This is where hiring a professional can help ease those “growing” pains.
  • Cultivation Equipment – Supply, Maintenance, and Repair
  • Cultivation Consulting & Assistance
  • IPM Development
  • Sanitization Services
  • Online and brick and mortar retail store – Growing Supplies, Nutrients (Jack’s Nutrients), and Irrigation & Environmental Controls (TrolMaster Hydro-X & Aqua-X)
  • Master growing services
  • Construction, service and maintenance for cultivation facilities