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Blooms Grow Tech


Start to finish support, including layouts, HVAC and electrical design, irrigation design and standard operating procedures.


Why Blooms Grow Tech?

We understand every customer has a different vision. We aren’t here to change your vision. We are here to help you achieve it. We are dedicated to success, both yours and ours. Come with us and let’s grow together.


Blooms has extensive experience designing high quality grow rooms that deliver stable environmental conditions, time after time. Layout for these rooms, and the facility as a whole, is very important to efficient and effective operation.


Not every company understands how differently a growing facility operates from a normal environment. Selecting the proper equipment is essential. You can trust in our equipment and service to be reliable.


Growing facilities have an extremely high electrical demand, and grower’s ever changing needs require flexibility. Using our experience and foresight to layout the correct electrical system will save you headaches and heartaches.


We have a saying at Blooms Grow Tech. Automate or stay late! Using our efficient and effective irrigation system and techniques will allow you to spend more time gardening.

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are required by Health Canada. Blooms can set you on the path to success using our tried and true operating procedures.

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